Looking for positive Family Pet (Companion)  Obedience Dog Training in  safe outdoors environment ? Visit DOG TRAINING for more details of Puppy, Progress, Improver & various Advanced levels. Due to high demand and class size limits, pre-booking is essential.  This avoids any disappointment if you simply turn up to a class you have not booked in for. Classes are a cost effective, sociable and rewarding way of progressing your training with reward-based methods.



Struggling to make class times? looking for individual lessons with dedicated attention and less distractions? need help with unwanted behaviour ? 121 training is a  convenient, enjoyable and rewarding way to help ensure you have a happy and confident dog you feel you have a strengthening bond with.



A fun low impact, free flowing off lead sport involving oversized tunnels, hoops and barrels.  As an Accredited Canine Hoopers UK Instructor (Level 1) Preview you will be taken through an introduction and can progress through Good Hoopers Awards and even consider competing or training in Hoopers just for fun.


One off workshops, short courses and individual lessons available.


Best Wishes,

Melissa Save