Our Approach

Hands on experience and a lifetime working and living with dogs makes Strictly K9 Dog Training the right trainer to help start your dog off on the right paw.  With a proven reward-based approach to training and foster a friendly, positive learning atmosphere in a safe environment or in your own home.

Our aim is to help ensure you can enjoy a rewarding and happy relationship with your canine companion, giving them the right life skills for you to feel they are a joy to live with.


Why choose us?

Many people join on recommendation from a friend, family member, veterinary centre or rescue centre.  Many have been training with members of our family for decades.

Companion dog obedience classes are kept stimulating, fresh and as active as possible to provide an enjoyable training session for you and your dog.  Many of our training classes incorporate working towards The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme, the UK's largest dog training programme.

As your dog grows, good obedience classes are still an important part of training and help you keep kind control and command of your dog and that all important positive socialisation in an engaging and respectful way.  Accompanying all levels of training is The Kennel Club's Responsibility & Care information. The right training helps keep your dog happy, healthy and builds their bond with you.





In Training

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Puppy Class
Beginner Class
Improver Class
Advanced Class
One to One
Half Day Courses
Heelwork to Music


You can join us for training at any stage of your dog’s life and we welcome all breeds and abilities. Call us today on 07968 70 45 60.


Walford GCDS Presentation

(Picture Above - Gaining GCDS Awards - well done!)