We are privileged to know and work with a countless number of interesting, talented and hard-working dogs, individuals and organisations.  Thank-you for making it all worthwhile and giving our canine companions wonderful experiences in life.  Here is a selection of the kind feedback you have given us.

"I have known Carole Hill for the last 15 years through my involvement with The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme.  During this time Carole has shown true professionalism and achieved excellent results.  Her teaching manner with both people and dogs always ensures a supportive learning environment.  In particular, I have been most impressed with the work she has done with rehomed stray dogs and their owners.  I would have no hesitation recommending this scheme to any dog owner."  - Keith Clorley, Dog Warden - Shropshire Council.


"We would like to thank you for attending our Summer Fete and Open Day here at Cloverfields.  Our resident, staff and children thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful display that you put on and we also appreciate that you were able to find time to attend" - Emma Lewis RGN, Manager.


"Packwood Haugh was able to host The Whitchurch Dog Display Team who arrived with a party of about eighteen dogs and handlers and performed a truly impressive display for us; including hair raising leaps through burning hoops, dashes along a narrow platform, at some points two metres above the ground, and numerous other feats of agility and skill.

The handlers performed tirelessly for a two hour set which included valuable 'Safe And Sound' safety advice on how to deal with dogs you do not know and a dance routine to music. The session ended with “meet the dogs and their handlers” group work. It was thrilling to see such an array of talent and training; I can safely say that pupils, staff, handlers and above all the dogs all had a wonderful time."  Nick Jones, Deputy Head - Packwood Haugh School (wwww.packwood-haugh.co.uk),  October 2012.



"Hello.  My name is Possum.  I am a 4 year old rescued black Irish female greyhound living in a house pig arc at the training stables.  My life now has rules.  Mum (Vanessa) decided to take  me to training classes.  She'd heard that a lady called Carole Hill did obedience at Walford College.  We enroled and I flew through my Bronze and Silver Good Citizen Dog Scheme.  I have even been to Carole's house (doggie heaven) to play on the agility equipment.  It was very tiring, I must have missed 3 snoozes.  But the fun Ii had was worth it.  We enjoy training with Carole because she knows all dog breeds think differently.  Like us, long dogs are sensitive." - Possum & Vanessa


"I am a volunteer at Grinshill Rescue Centre,who re-home unwanted dogs from all over North Shropshire.

We have more than our fair share of unruly, ill-mannered animals and over the years, Carole has given up her time to help us re-train some of these dogs, and to bring out their potential.

I find it fascinating to watch as Carole takes one of these seemingly hopeless cases in hand.  Within minutes the dog has forgotten to be naughty, is looking at her eagerly, asking 'Right, what's next?" and most importantly, enjoying himself.  She has given one-to-one/group training and agility making it much easier to re-home.

Thank-you Carole from the staff and dogs at Grinsill.  Maybe one of our dogs will one day be good enough to join the Whitchurch Dog Display Team." - Sue Rockey - Volunteer, Grinsill Resue Centre


"I joined with my puppy Doberman, the Strictly K9 Dog Training run by Melissa Nicholson, for the puppy foundation course which also included work towards the KC Good Citizen Bronze Award.  The course whilst being professionally run and logically structured was made thoroughly enjoyable, informative and lots of fun for both the dog and handler.  Everyone on the course was equally helped with any individual problems by Melissa.  They have a kind approach and understand that different breeds train differently and at different speeds.  I have trained with Carole over the last few years with my older dogs; she has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of dog behaviour.

I was thrilled that my puppy passed his Good Citizen Bronze Award on the same night at just 15 1/2 weeks.  I have since attended a half day Improvers Course, which again my puppy and I loved and we boths gained so much from Melissa's help.  I would recommend Strictly K9 Dog Training to anyone wanting to train and understand their dog.  However, I will add that no matter how good a training class is, to get the most from the dedicated efforts of the trainers, it must be carried on outside of the class environment on a regular basis." - Eileen Matthews & Blue the Doberman.


All three of our show dogs have completed Bronze, Silver and Gold Good Citizen Awards with Carole Hill.  This has given us well trained and well socialised dogs that are a pleasure to have at home.

Chris Gosling (Glasarian Weimaraners) www.champdogs.co.uk/breeder/7877


"A very big thankyou to everyone once again supporting us by doing a fantastic demonstration at our annual dog show.  We had a great day the weather was brilliant and everything went smoothly we raised £2,453 03p a very pleasing result.

Thankyou again to each and every one of you and of course all your dogs." - Jenny & All At Grinshill.  Grinshill Animal Rescue.