It’s never too late to start training and it can be a rewarding and sociable experience which you and your dog look forward to each week.  If you are continuing on from our Puppy Class or have started training with a young, rescue or older dog this could be right the class for you.

We are pleased to also provide the opportunity for you to work towards achieving The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze Award in this class.

We aim to provide you with a basic knowledge of understanding and training your canine companion. Emphasis is placed upon strengthening your ability to handle, control and generally care for your dog in everyday life.

No part of the class is competitive and assessments are carried out in a relaxed and informal manner.

Each class will include a maximum of 10 dogs and is typically 6 weeks long covering;

Heelwork: walking in a relaxed, controlled manner on lead amongst people, dogs and distractions demonstrating clear attentiveness to name
Core positions: learn (or polish) the sit, down, stand and finish
Responsibility and care: including cleanliness, identification, food manners, handling, grooming and inspection to maintain health
Control at door/gate: walking through these in a controlled way
Recall: ensuring your dog will return to you when called
Stay on lead: for up to 1 minute
Play and Retrieve: learning with control (on your terms) how to engage, teach fetch/return/give with appropriate toys

Please check our Events Calendar to find out when the next course begins.