If you have any specific training needs or behavioural problems you may wish to or be advised to see us on a one to one basis with your dog(s). Often the right, focused training will produce the desired results or put you on the right path towards achieving the outcome you would like.

We have vast experience in dealing with common behavioural problems to help equip you with the necessary skills and approach to improve your relationship with your canine companion. Typical reasons for individual behavioural training are excessive pulling or barking, jumping up, over dominance, nervousness, not returning to handler, separation anxiety and resulting unwanted behaviour such as chewing.

It is our aim to ensure you have right tools, confidence and training plan to work with so that you can postively influence your dog's behaviour in everyday situations.

In many situations, dogs who come to us on a private basis very quickly attend our classes.

An initial telephone assessment with all clients is made and generally follow up emails or reports are given.  We are very happy to discuss progress at anytime.

The initial consultation will typically take between 1 to 1 1/2 hours with any subsequent sessions typically lasting 1 hour.

Our rates are competitive and vary depending upon, length of the session and if conducted in your home or at our premises.  A mileage fee also applies for home visits.