At this level, as a competent handler, you will be invited to stretch yourself and your dog to achieve even more in everyday situations and creatively structured exercises tailored to your interests.

Commands and exercises are more challenging and designed to make training more stimulating for you and your dog. Many activities are off lead under control.

As with our other courses this is a natural progression from our Improver Class or an entry level for more advanced handlers. We work towards The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme’s highest standard, the Gold Award.

Each class will include a maximum of 10 dogs and is typically 6 weeks long covering;

Heelwork plus: on and off lead, work on both sides, attentive and under control at all times
Distance Control: obedience work off lead with minimal use of commands
Emergency Stop: ability to stop the dog anywhere on command
Everyday Situations plus: sending dog to bed, isolating dog in a relaxed way, distance control of food manners
Responsibility and Care: covering all aspects of dog ownership
Out of Sight Stay: a longer stay including handler being out of sight
Retrieve and Scent: with advanced distractions, minimal commands

Please check our Events Calendar to find out when the next course begins.